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Coffret découverte poivres et moulin
Coffret découverte poivres et moulin
Coffret découverte poivres et moulin
Coffret découverte poivres et moulin

Coffret découverte poivres et moulin

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Pepper and mill discovery box

Looking for a gift idea for a big occasion? Give someone the gift of an exceptional taste discovery for a celebration or birthday. Adventurer, food-lover? Surprise your taste buds on a trip around the world for a food-lover!

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This prestigious box includes :

1 box of 80g of White peppercorns from Madagascar (Réf : CDPMAD03S): Superb pepper without the unpleasant animal notes that are found all too often, very fresh, vegetable and floral notes, with a dominant menthol note, aniseed and citrus touches, with eucalyptus. A sublime pepper.

1 box of 80g of Organic whole green pepper from the Bolaven Plateau* (Réf : CDPMSL11S) : Un-ground, this pepper exudes warm, tasty notes of currants, tobacco leaf, brioche, undergrowth, humus, with hints of cocoa, prune, fig and aromatic wood burned in the fireplace. When ground, it has surprisingly dominant scents of still-green citrus peel (mandarin, citron) or candied citrus fruits (bitter orange), mint, eucalyptus, pine sap and green wood.

1 box of 80g of Organic whole black pepper from Dak Nong Bio* (Réf : CDPPFV11S) : Slowly dried, in the shade, the unground grains exhale very fresh notes, mixing lemon, verbena, green cardamom with underlying sweet marshmallow, woody, slightly smoky accents, with small touches of black cardamom.

1 box of 80g White peppercorns from Putumayo (Réf : CDPCOR02): Our whole white Putumayo pepper is without doubt one of the most surprising white peppers, its fragrance is extremely fresh with powerful citrus fruit notes, citron, menthol and eucalyptus.

1 box of 80g of Red peppercorns of Whole red pepper from Mondulkiri (Réf : CDPPFV08S) : The red Mondulkiri peppercorns are covered in a dark red outer layer and generously sized (5mm average diameter). The first notes encountered are hot, milky, evoking yoghurt with a light touch of Ovaltine, coffee, cocoa and vanilla. There are also notes of wetted bread and bread crumbs. Once milled, this pepper reveals beautiful notes of pine, resin, turpentine, slight camphor notes reminiscent of eucalyptus, fresh wood and it also exhudes citron, mandarin peel and fresh ginger fragrances.

1 box of 80g of Organic red pepper from the Bolaven plateau *(Réf : CDPMSL10S) : The nose is an aromatic procession: candied orange, citron, mandarin, with powerful lactic notes of fresh yogurt, cocoa, strawberry, blond tobacco, cocoa. The palate is warm, powerful and immediately gives off a lot of sweetness, notes of candied orange, citron, and surprisingly candied strawberries.

Manual pepper mill Peugeot PARIS 12 cm (Réf : CDPPSPMLP004/005/006, select the colour of the mill from the drop-down menu ) clever-sized pepper mill, with a Peugeot mechanism and adjustable grind.


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Dimensions 355 x 212 x 86 mm