Whole red pepper from the Bolaven plateau

Whole red pepper from the Bolaven plateau

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Whole red pepper from the Bolaven plateau

A lovely pepper with marked, surprising flavours. Warm, tasty notes, with lasting cocoa, Ovaltine, tobacco and saffron notes. Tangy citrus fruit, currant, blackcurrant and dairy products mingle evoking crème fraîche and yoghurt. There are also fruity notes of very ripe black glacé cherries. A powerful pepper, its spice is sharp and it is beautifully long-lasting in the mouth.


Our perfect combination : This pepper would be the ideal companion for a beautiful prime rib, a chuck steak slow-cooked in red wine, a thick grilled pork chop, a lightly grilled tuna steak, beautiful mackerel fillets cooked on one side or sardines simply grilled and accompanied by chopped parsley and garlic.
It will bring out a chickpea and shallot salad beautifully.
It replaces bad chilli oil to give a pizza some power.
Our favourite recipe : a well-vinegared lentil salad with orange zest and chopped parsley.

A handful of seeds from a variety from Kerala gave the first 30 plants of this plantation.
The volcanic soil of the Boloven Plateau proved to be convenient and the first plants started to produce a beautiful red pepper.
Michelin starred French chefs soon reported to us their interest.
The plantations were expanded and the first harvests started in the year 2014. One of the objectives is to encourage farmers in the region to develop these plantations.


Origin Laos

Province Bolaven plateau

Weight 1 kg net,500 g net,80 g net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients 100 % whole red pepper from the Bolaven Plateau

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Recommanded use Cooking

Botany Piper nigrum L.

Pepper type Red pepper

Le Comptoir des Poivres'scale (spiciness intensity from 1 to 10) 6-7