Wajima No Kaien sea salt
Wajima No Kaien sea salt
Wajima No Kaien sea salt
Wajima No Kaien sea salt

Wajima No Kaien sea salt

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Wajima No Kaien sea salt

Sea salt from Wajima, called "Wajima no Kaien", is made from sea water from the small island of Hegura-jima (4 km²), located 50 km from the Noto peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture .


The monopolization of salt production in Japan was completed in 1997. The various artisans began to produce salt according to two main methods:
a) Evaporation and condensation
b) By dissolution and condensation
In Wajima, the condensed sea water is not boiled and the salt is not dried in the sun.
The pure seawater of Hegura Jima is evaporated by a special light system, in a room at low temperature (40 ° C), until the salt is crystallized ten days later.
The resulting crystals dissolve easily and are easily absorbed by food.
This salt is softer from a health point of view. Indeed, the ratio between sodium and magnesium is almost identical to that of human blood. This means that it does not weigh on the human body.
Sodium can make starch and carbohydrates (sugars) active and turn them into glucose. Magnesium can activate the enzymes of the ingredients and transform the proteins of meat and fish into Umami amino acids.
Since Wajima salt has a good balance of sodium and magnesium, it can promote enzymolysis of ingredients. And it also helps the growth of lactic acid and yeast and promotes fermentation.
Main minerals of salt Wajima No Kaien (per 100 g): 35 g sodium, 295 mg magnesium, 527 mg calcium, 47 mg potassium.

Our perfect combination : pickles, salted or fermented vegetables, onigiri, grilled fish, grilled shrimp and scampi, stew, bread, beef (hanging tender, thick flank, outside skirt). It is also ideal for making meat salted.


Origin Wajima (Ishikawa), Japon

Weight 1 kg net,40 g net,10 kg net

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Ingredients 100 % Wajima No Kaien sea salt

Storage protected from light and humidity

Recommanded use Pastry Chocolate Cooking Ice cream Cocktail