Aguni island sea salt "Okinawa Aginu No-Shio"
Aguni island sea salt "Okinawa Aginu No-Shio"
Aguni island sea salt "Okinawa Aginu No-Shio"
Aguni island sea salt "Okinawa Aginu No-Shio"

Aguni island sea salt "Okinawa Aginu No-Shio"

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Aguni island sea salt "Okinawa Aginu No-Shio"

Seawater contains about 90 different minerals. More than 60 of them end up in Aguni-no Shio sea salt.


Representative minerals contained in salt and their functions:
.Magnesium: helps with calcium absorption, neurotransmission and muscle contraction
.Calcium: forms bones and teeth, regulates heart muscles and the nervous system
.Sodium: regulates muscles and the nervous system, regulates the balance of body fluids
.Potassium: regulates the heart and muscles
.Phosphorus: strengthens teeth and bones
.Iron: carries oxygen in the blood
.Zinc: helps enzymes to act
.Copper: creates hemoglobin in the blood
.Chromium: helps metabolism of sugar and fats
.Selenium: has a strong antioxidant action
.Manganese: promotes bone fermentation
.Sulfur: synthesizes proteins
.Iodine: is the main ingredient of thyroid hormone
Aguni-no Shio sea salt is tasty and improves your health.
Aguni-no Shio is not mass produced salt, made in a big factory. It is a craft product, hand made in a small workshop. As a result, the skills of artisans who produce this hand-made salt are essential.
The salt workshop Aguni-no Shio is located on Aguni Island, surrounded by clear water under the subtropical sun of Okinawa. The sea water is pumped into a tower 10 meters high. More than 15000 bamboos with thousands of branches hang from the tower and the sea water flows through this bamboo. The wind of the sea helps evaporate the seawater to produce condensed salt water. This process is repeated for one week to obtain a concentrate of seawater six times more condensed than normal seawater.
Then, the resulting solution is placed in a flat pot called "hiragama" and is then reduced to a wood fire for about two days. The craftsman keeps stirring the mixture to prevent it from burning. Nigari or natural magnesium chloride is extracted within the next four to five days. The final process is to pass the salt crystals through a sieve for two days for ripening.
Aguni-no Shio salt is unique and one of the best salts in the world.

Our perfect combination : its salinity is unique and its use is renowned in cooking, pastry and confectionery. A very great vintage for purists.


Origin Ile d'Aguni (Okinawa), Japon

Weight 1 kg net,40 g net,10 kg net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients 100% sea salt

Storage protected from light and humidity

Recommanded use Ice cream Pastry Cooking Chocolate

Important Presence of an anti moisture bag in this product. Do not consume