Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla
Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla
Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla
Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla
Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla
Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla
Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla
Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla

Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla

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Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla

This vanilla is distinguished by a rich aroma, more subtle than vanilla planifolia.
The aromatic is a powerful concentrate: caramel, honey, milk, spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, Jamaica Bay), floral (tropical flowers), and wild berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries), even fruity (orange), dried fruits and small touches of liquorice.
We also like the accents of rum grape, very ripe plums, tobacco leaves.


This vanilla is harvested and then refined more precisely in Sentani, known worldwide for the quality of its vanilla, which is surprisingly harvested all year round.

Vanillin rate oscillates between 1.3 and 1.5

More Info :
When most people think of Tahitian vanilla beans, or Vanilla Tahitensis, they think of French Polynesia and the beautiful sunsets in places like Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea.
While this is true, many people don't realize that Tahitian vanilla is also grown in many other regions, the largest producer being Indonesia.
Tahitian vanilla is a species of vanilla orchid known scientifically as Vanilla Tahitensis, named after the island where it was discovered, but it is no longer produced only in Tahiti.
Tahitian vanilla, first found and classified as a hybrid orchid growing wild in Tahiti, was brought to Papua in the 1960s.
Tahitensis vanilla, in Indonesia, exists only in the heart of the Jayapura district, Papua province. Jayapura, formerly Hollandia, is the capital of the province of Papua in the far east of Indonesia on the island of New Guinea.
It is located near Papua New Guinea, on Yos Sudarso bay.

Usage Tips :
Bold taste of this vanilla will enhance sweet creams, custards and fruit-based desserts with a crisp accent of sweetness not present in traditional vanilla.
It is also perfect for savory seasonings for lobster, scampi...

Indonesian Vanilla selection

Vanilla is a member of the orchid family that lives in a unique tropical climate. It grows on long vines that coil in the shade of trees.
Vanilla flavor profile comes from the dried vanilla pods. It takes about three years after planting for it to start flowering.
Each vanilla plant produces several orchids that bloom at different times during the growing season and remain in bloom for only one day.
Each flower must be pollinated by hand to produce a vanilla bean.
This process makes growing vanilla incredibly laborious and requires constant monitoring so that no orchid is missed during the hand pollination process. Successfully pollinated flowers will yield vanilla beans ready for harvest after 8-9 months. Intensive labor-process does not stop with the cultivation alone.
Once vanilla bean is picked at maturity, it undergoes a 6-month drying process to obtain dried vanilla beans.
From 6 to 7 kilograms of ripe vanilla beans, only about 1 kilogram of dried vanilla beans can be obtained.
A unique vanilla flavor profile is developed during this long process.
The largest vanilla producing area in Indonesia, known worldwide for its quality, is Sulawesi Island, thanks to its very fertile volcanic soil.
Our supplier and partner was the first company to set up shop directly at the production site because, to ensure a sustainable supply of the highest quality vanilla beans, the beans must be processed from the very beginning, even at the cultivation level.
Moreover, science has shown that the optimal time to start the first post-harvest process is less than 24 hours after harvesting the vanilla beans.
Our producer partner applies measures based on FSSC standards from the very first post-harvest process to the storage of the vanilla beans to ensure that our vanilla beans are food safe.

*Food Safety System Certification, based on the ISO22000 standard which combines the food safety requirements of retailers and manufacturers.


Origin Papoua, Indonesia

Packaging sachet,tube

Ingredients 100% Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Recommanded use Ice cream Pastry Cooking Chocolate

Botany Vanilla Tahitensis