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Sweet liquorice powder, Calabria

Sweet liquorice powder, Calabria

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Sweet liquorice powder, Calabria

It has a characteristic smell of aniseed, sweet, woody, with a lovely vegetal freshness.



Sweet liquorice powder, Calabria

At some point everybody must have chewed on these little wooden sticks.
This root is used to make antésite and is used in the production of pastis, an alcoholic drink from Marseille.
Liquorice is a herbaceous plant from the Fabaceae family, native to Syria, also called 'black liquorice' or 'sweet wood.
The part most used is the root or rather the underground stem called the stolon. It is used in medicine due to its multitude of benefits, but also in confectionery and in liqueurs.
Our liquorice comes from Italy, from the coastal area of Calabria, where it grows in the wild in an area where the glycyrrhizin level can develop.
The root is very sweet. The ancient Greeks named it Glycyrrhiza, from glukos meaning 'sugar' and riza meaning 'root'.
Care should be taken not to confuse the liquorice root with the aromatic extract derived from the root.


Origin Calabria, Italy

Weight 1 kg net,200 g net,50 g net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients Liquorice, 11.90 % sugar (3-6 % glycyrrhizic acid)

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Recommanded use Pastry Cooking Ice cream

Botany Glycyrrhiza glabra