Whole clove

Whole clove

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Whole clove

The clove has a hot, sweet and spicy, woody and spicy flavor. It is used by the pharmaceutical industry for its disinfectant, healing and anaesthetic properties. Its smell inevitably is reminiscent of the dentists'!
It is also used by perfumers. You can create a wonderful home fragrance by studding an orange with cloves. This is called a "pomander".


Whole clove

The clove is the dried flower bud of the clove tree from the Myrtaceae family. This tree is native to the Bat Jan Islands, a micro archipelago in the centre of the Moluccas (Indonesia). The tree has travelled extensively and cloves are now found in many countries: Ambon, the Moluccas and Sumatra (Indonesia), Penang (Malaysia), Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Zanzibar, Sri Lanka, India (states of Mysore and Travancore), Antilles, Fench Guiana, Madagascar etc.

Our perfect combination : in the kitchen it is used in stews, usually studded in an onion, in casseroles, sauerkraut, marinades and pasta. It combines perfectly with other spices such as cinnamon and pepper. It is essential in mulled wine and will be a delight in your fruit purées and fruit salads, and especially with apple, pear and orange. It works a treat with garlic.


Origin Madagascar

Weight 1 kg net,200 g net,500 g net,60 g net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients 100% cloves

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Recommanded use Pastry Cooking Chocolate

Botany Syzygium aromaticum