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Long white seeded peperre from Kampot

Long white seeded pepper from Kampot

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Long white seeded pepper from Kampot

The first olfactory impressions are wooded, hot, with notes of liquorice, cocoa, a touch of camphor, which then develops into tobacco, saffron and dry grass, then an aroma reminiscent of over-ripe or dry fruit and dried tomato. Leather is very present and then finally there is a freshness, a touch of aniseed and menthol, with touches of eucalyptus, bell pepper, fennel and discrete floral notes.



Our perfect combination :

This pepper has an elegant spice to it that develops over time. The small grains, extracted from the long pepper catkins, facilitate its use in cooking. No need to grate, grind or mill it, you can use it straight on your dishes. This pepper is resistant in slow cooking.
It will bring some crunch and texture to your soups, vegetable creams and purées. It would go well in casseroles. It is excellent for flavouring charcuterie, pickles, condiments in vinegar and gherkins.
It is perfect for red meat, lamb, duck, pork and oily fish.
It will subtly enhance fresh goats' cheese with a little olive oil.

Pepper from Cambodia, from the Kampot region, was highly renowned before the Khmer Rouge took over the country.
A few years ago, in 2004, a Frenchman decided to unite the farmers who had a few pepper vines to restart production in the region.
He opt for high quality production, with numerous selective sorting sessions, on the plant, after harvest, before drying and after drying. The exemplary work that he has carried out with the producers means that today we are able to propose one of the world's best peppers.
Despite the extremely high overall quality of pepper in the area, we make stricter selection to obtain just a few kilograms of exceptional corns per harvest.
In this plantation there is not a single gram of pesticide or chemical fertiliser. Everything is natural. The fertiliser used is made of a mixture of rice paddy crabs and grass. New soil is regularly added and watering is done manually, which calls for enormous effort. To do such a hard job, you need to be passionately in love with your land and its products.


Origin Cambodia

Province Kampot

Weight 1 kg net,500 g net,70 g net

best before : 1 kg : 31/12/2024

Ingredients 100 % Kampot white long pepper seeded catkins

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Recommanded use Cooking

Botany Piper officinarum

Pepper type Poivre blanc,Poivre long

Le Comptoir des Poivres'scale (spiciness intensity from 1 to 10) 5