Izu Oshima Hoshi Shio sea salt
Izu Oshima Hoshi Shio sea salt
Izu Oshima Hoshi Shio sea salt
Izu Oshima Hoshi Shio sea salt

Izu Oshima Hoshi Shio sea salt

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Izu Oshima Hoshi Shio sea salt

Craftsmen from of Umi No Sei continue to make their salt in a traditional way: sea water is taken and dried on the sand near the sea.
Even if the yields are very low, the quality is achieved.


Kuroshio stream, world's second largest marine stream after the Gulf Stream, carrying warm tropical waters to the North and Polar Regions, passes around the volcanic island of Izu-Oshima. Our craftsmen pump this pure seawater and store it in salt pans. They use sunlight and wind (two weeks in autumn and winter, a month or two in spring and summer) to condense the seawater. Then, they gradually crystallize concentrated seawater. in a room with glass walls. This process allows to check the concentration carefully and to preserve the nigari (natural magnesium chloride). This method shines the solar sea salt, Hoshi-shio.
Very rich in natural magnesium chloride, Hoshi-shio salt slowly melts in the mouth and is quite soft.
Main salt minerals Hoshi-shio (/ 100 g): sodium 36.37g, magnesium 525 mg, calcium 525 mg, potassium 157 mg.

Our perfect combination : tempura, ice cream, caramel, chocolate, truffles, carpaccios, tartars


Origin Izu Oshima, Japon

Weight 1 kg net,40 g net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients 100% sea salt

Storage protected from light and humidity

Recommanded use Pastry Cooking Chocolate Ice cream