Ishigaki Jima sea salt
Ishigaki Jima sea salt
Ishigaki Jima sea salt
Ishigaki Jima sea salt

Ishigaki Jima sea salt

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Ishigaki Jima sea salt

The Yaeyama Islands form an archipelago of 32 islands located in southwest Japan, about 2000 km from Tokyo. The top nine are Ishigaki, Iriomote, Taketomi, Yonaguni, Kohama, Hateruma, Kuro-Shima, Hatoma, Aragusuku.


They are famous for their coral reef, tropical nature, mangrove forests.
Ishigaki No Shio Salt is made exclusively from Nagura Bay, Ishigaki Island
It has been produced here for over three centuries (since 1717). Only 18 people, gathered in a corporation, continue to produce it.
In the local dialect, "NAGURA" means "fry gathering place." Locals sometimes fish in this bay fish, clams, seaweed.
Our producers think that salt making is a source of life ...
Coral reefs in this area demonstrate the purity and quality of the waters.
Here, salt making methods are traditional and environmentally friendly.
The water is drawn from Nagura Bay, 1500 meters from the coast in a water rich in corals and seaweed, simmered in a cauldron to extract salt that will dry in the sun, sometimes in a greenhouse at temperatures up to 70 ° C. This last step requires 3 days in summer and more than one month in winter.
The salt is then roasted, preserving its very high mineral content.
We can say that this salt is a salt of coral reefs, which owes its exceptional flavor to the quality of water, algae, marine fauna, nearby mangrove forests, mountain waters flowing into the bay of Nagura.

Our perfect combination : it is a rare salt, Grand Cru, to taste with your fish, seafood, seaweed. It will highlight your butters, your caramels, your pastries, a foie gras slice, a grill, baked fruits ...


Origin Ishigaki Jima, Japon

Weight 1 kg net,40 g net,10 kg net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients 100 % Ishigaki No Shio sea salt

Storage protected from light and humidity

Recommanded use Cooking Chocolate Ice cream Pastry