Peugeot Cottage coffee mill

Peugeot Cottage coffee mill

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Peugeot Cottage coffee mill

The Rolls-Royce of mills!
The Peugeot Cottage coffee mill, with adjustable milling, allows you to grind large coffee beans easily thanks to its winch handle.

It is easy to access the coffee container and the spacious drawer means you can grind large quantities.


Peugeot COTTAGE coffee mill 21 cm

Durability and style

Opt for quality with this coffee mill and its steel Peugeot mechanism. With its elegant varnished wood design in grey or ivory, this COTTAGE model will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Adjustable milling

The COTTAGE mill has 5 different milling sizes. Adjustment is easy, thanks to a toothed wheel on the handle.


Origin France

Dimensions 21 cm

Materials bois