Lamb and Skewers - Spices mix
Lamb and Skewers - Spices mix
Lamb and Skewers - Spices mix
Lamb and Skewers - Spices mix

Lamb and Skewers - Spices mix

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Spices mix

This spices mix evokes rich broths of tagines and couscous, meats juices bursting with flavor, crackling embers smells.

Spices mix created, assembled and packaged in France by Le Comptoir des poivres.


Lamb and Skewers - Spices mix

Lamb and skewers evoke the sun, the grills in the wood fire, the Mediterranean ambiance, from North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) to Lebanon...

Cuisine in these sunny lands is full of tomatoes, cinnamon, cumin... just like the riches brought back from the East by the ancient caravans.


Our perfect pairings : It can be used as a marinade or simply sprinkled on your grilled meats when serving.

You may then feel the gourmet atmosphere of oriental cuisine practiced in yesteryear caravanserais.


Origin France

Perfect pairings Lamb Beef Poultry

Weight 1 kg net,500 g net,50 g net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients tomato powder, cinnamon powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, coriander, celery leaves flakes, cumin, salt, pepper

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Nutritional values Per 100 g : energy 274 kcal (1143 kJ) ; fat 4,7 g, of which saturates 0,5 g ; carbohydrate 27,4 g, of which sugars 14 g ; protein 13,3 g ; salt 4,45 g.

Recommanded use Cooking

Important Presence of an anti moisture bag in this product. Do not consume

Allergenic(s) celery