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Gourmet fries - Spices mix
Gourmet fries - Spices mix
Gourmet fries - Spices mix
Gourmet fries - Spices mix

Gourmet fries - Spices mix

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Spices mix

A gourmet blend with a holidays touch, barbecue, family reunion or country gathering feel. Salt is well balanced, paprika just right. Raw black sugar adds the perfect amount of crunch and cumin adds almost toasty notes.

Spices mix created, assembled and packaged in France by Le Comptoir des poivres.



Gourmet fries - Spices mix

This composition is ready to be used, like a salt with sunny flavors, before or after frying the fries.

Surprise your guests with uniquely flavoured fries.

This mixture will also work well for roast chicken or grilled pigs.


Origin France

Perfect pairings Végétables

Weight 1 kg net,500 g net,60 g net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients Salt, garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, raw black cane sugar powder, cumin, hot paprika, black pepper

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Nutritional values Per 100 g : energy 241 kcal (1010 kJ) ; fat 4 g, of which saturates 0,62 g ; carbohydrate 31,9 g, of which sugars 16,5 g ; protein 10,1 g ; salt 24,93 g.

Recommanded use Cooking

Important Presence of an anti moisture bag in this product. Do not consume