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Aniseed myrtle powder

Aniseed myrtle powder

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Aniseed myrtle powder

Smells just like Pastis (aniseed spirit) ! With all of its aniseed notes: green anise, liquorice, star anise, tarragon, with immense freshness and a slight spiciness. Its taste is slightly spicy with a touch of bitterness.



Aniseed myrtle powder

These are the leaves of a tree in the Australian and Tasmanian rainforests, which are dried and reduced into powder. Aniseed myrtle is used as a spice in bush cuisine.

Our perfect combination : this powder will be perfect with sea food: shellfish, crustaceans, fish... but also with white meat, duck, guinea fowl, lamb and it will work wonders in your desserts, whether fruit-based or in ice creams or sorbets.


Origin Australia

Weight 1 kg net,180 g net,50 g net

best before : 1kg : 31/12/2024

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients 100 % lemon myrtle flakes

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Recommanded use Cooking Ice cream Pastry

Botany Syzygium anisatum