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Shelled pistachios from Aegina

Shelled pistachios from Aegina

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Shelled pistachios from Aegina

Its odour is not very pronounced, slightly sweet, fruity and vegetal. Its flavor is sweet, very slightly resinous, with a light bitterness.



Shelled pistachios from Aegina

The pistachio nut is a dry fruit originating in Persia, from a Mediterranean shrub, the true pistachio tree from the Anacardiaceae family.
Those that we have for you have become rare and are considered to be the best. They come from the island of Aegina in Greece.
It is a small green coloured almond in a shell that opens when the fruit is ripe.

Our perfect combination : they can be eaten raw or grilled. When grilled they are usually salted and eaten as an aperitif. They are at home in sauces or stuffings for poultry and other white meats, in terrines and pâtés, but they also go perfectly with scallops or delicate fish such as the Saint Pierre or turbot.
Its natural sweetness means it is ideal for sweet dishes, of course the famous pistachio flavour ice cream coming first place, but also in tarts, fruit salads, with chocolate desserts and citrus fruit desserts, with red fruits or dried fruits.


Origin Aegina, Greece

Weight 1 kg net,500 g net,80 g net

Packaging bag, box

Ingredients 100% shelled pistachios

Storage keep away from light, heat and moisture

Recommanded use Cooking Chocolate Ice cream Pastry

Botany Pistacia vera